What is Direct Primary Care?

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Direct Primary Care - a new way of practicing, the old fashioned way

​Direct primary care (DPC) is a new idea to improve our broken medical system. It is where you pay a monthly fee for primary care services, directly to your primary care physician. This allows you and the physician to have a direct relationship, without the insurance company being the middleman and interfering with care. Instead of dealing with paperwork, I get to spend more time with you, and you have better access to me for any medical needs.

I can access discounted labs and imaging for those without insurance altogether (or even people with insurance - many times it is cheaper).  However, DPC is not medical insurance, nor is it a replacement for insurance coverage for catastrophic issues (such as emergency surgeries, etc.).

Most primary care doctors have a patient panel of 2000-3000 patients.  It is very common for a patient to not be able to see their physician for acute issues for weeks to months.  With DPC, I have much lower overhead, and need far fewer patients to maintain the practice.  What that means for the patient is that you can usually be seen the same or next day.  All visits are included in the monthly fee, so if you are critically ill, you can see me on a weekly basis if needed, without incurring any extra costs.

DPC allows me to work for you, and not the insurance companies that have caused our system to become broken.

Direct Primary Care Membership Prices

Ages 18-39


Per Month

One time $100 enrollment fee

Medical cannabis services are not included


Ages 40-64


Per Month

Best for General Upkeep

One time $100 enrollment fee

Medical cannabis services are not included


Ages 65 and older


Per Month

Best for Busy Homes

One time $100 enrollment fee

Medical cannabis services are not included


Why should I pay more if I already have insurance?

First and foremost, you are paying for first-class care with excellent access.  Additionally, I can find deals on medications, imaging, and labs that may save you money versus using your insurance.  Right now, most insurance deductibles are more than the membership fees for a year.

What are the benefits of membership?

All office visits are included in the membership fee.  EKGs, urinalysis, rapid strep throat testing, spirometry, and wound care are included.  Management of chronic health issues (diabetes, ADHD, hypertension, etc.) are also included.  Filling out paperwork such as FMLA or medical necessity letters are included.  Finally, phone consultations are also included.  I hope to add telemedicine conferencing in the near future as well (but can do so currently over Facetime).

What is not included?

Laboratory testing, imaging, vaccinations, and medical cannabis evaluation services are not included.

Home visits can be done on a limited basis for a small extra fee.

What is the difference between Concierge medicine and DPC?

Concierge doctors typically charge a retainer fee in the thousands of dollars (up to $25,000 a year), and they still bill your insurance for every visit.

DPC doctors charge a nominal monthly fee and do not charge insurance for anything.

Please note:

While I do treat anxiety (including prescription of benzodiazepine medications), adult ADHD cases, and prescribe other controlled medications, I do not prescribe opiates on a chronic basis.  If you are on such medication, I will not be able to continue it.  It is best if a pain management specialist prescribes and manages it.

Still have questions? Call now, let's talk.

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